Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses provide a fantastic alternative to spectacles. Whether it be part time wear for sports and social events or as a more full-time alternative to spectacles. There are a wide range of contact lenses available to suit almost every person’s individual prescription and needs.

The majority of contact lens wearers wear soft contact lenses, these are available in two main materials and suit a wide variety of wearing regimes. By following the correct hygiene procedures and with regular aftercare appointments the wearing of modern contact lenses is very safe.

Contact lens fitting

A contact lens fitting typically involves a series of appointments. At the initial appointment we assess your specific needs and can then recommend the most suitable lenses for you. We will then make sure that this contact lens type not only provides good quality vision but also fits your eye well. Once we are happy that the contact lenses meet those criteria, we will teach you how to insert & remove the lenses as well as how best to care for them. When you are confident you can then take the contact lenses and trial them in your day-to-day life.

Typically following a two-week trial period we will see you again for an end of trial sign off appointment. This allows us to have a discussion with you about your experience with the lenses, troubleshoot any issues that you may have and check again how the contact lenses are fitting your eyes. Following this post trial appointment, we will be able to issue a contact lens prescription and supply you with contact lenses. At any point in this process we will be available to assist with any questions or concerns

Contact lens aftercare

Due to the nature of contact lenses being in direct contact with the eye you will need to attend regular aftercare appointments to allow us to check that the contact lenses continue to fit properly, the prescription is as up to date as possible and to check the health of your eyes. Contact lens wear can cause issues with your eyes that may not be noticed without regular care. At these appointments we will also be able to make sure you are still wearing the most appropriate lenses for you, contact lens manufacturers are continually developing new products so by the time we see you there may be a product available that would be more pertinent for you.

If you would like to book a contact lens fitting , aftercare appointment, or if you already wear contact lenses and would like to book a review appointment please contact us.